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1st Floor

  • 5x double room

  • 2x family room (2 rooms connectable through door, up to 4 person)

  • 2x twin room

1. patro

Twin room

Jednolůžkový pokoj Riverside

Double room

Dvoulůžkový pokoj Riverside

Family room

Čtyřlůžkový pokoj Riverside
Bezobslužná recepce

Self-service, modern accommodation at the waterfront, close to the city centre

Our hotel is equipped with a modern self-service reception, which allows you to check yourself in/out at your own pace.

The first step is your decision to visit us, then you book your stay with us online, on our website. Afterwards in your inbox you receive the booking confirmation and a PIN to let you in the lobby of the hotel. There you will find our contactless reception. You input your personal details there, including the scan of your passport/ID. The reception will then issue the key card.


Regarding to the payment. You can either pay during your online reservation (pay pal), after the reservation via invoice or by payment card at our contactless reception.

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